Tilak Promise

The Tilak Promise

The Tilak Promise is a bond between Tilak Jewelers and Our Customer. We promise that the product you have purchased or are going to purchase will be of the highest quality and is crafted with utmost care.

What The Tilak Promise covers:

Tilak Jewelers promises that any exquisite piece of jewelry from Tilak is crafted with utmost care and perfection from 22kt Gold (unless otherwise stated). Natural diamond jewelry pieces are set in 18kt Gold (unless otherwise stated)
ALL natural diamond jewelry pieces are certified from independant diamond grading labs.
The Tilak Promise guarantees the craftsmanship of any product purchased from Tilak Jewelers. We will repair, for free, any manufacturers defects in material or workmanship for the lifetime of ownership. This does not cover any neglect, or abuse.

Exceptions to The Tilak Promise:

The Tilak Promise will become null and void if there is any damage to your jewelry due to negligence or abuse. (For Example: If a stone is lost due to bent, damaged, or worn out prongs, Tilak Jewelers is not responsible for the replacement of the stone or the re-tipping of the prongs. The jewelry was neglected and abused and the warranty becomes void.)
If another jeweler performs any repair work on an item purchased from Tilak Jewelers, we will not be held responsible for any loss or defect and the warranty becomes null and void.
The loss of a center stone, such as a diamond is not covered under the Tilak Promise. Center stone loss may be covered under your Home Owners Insurance policy.
We will purchase diamond jewelry purchased from us for 80% of what was paid. This only applies to jewelry from Tilak and certificate and receipt must be presented too. We also require the piece to be in wearable condition. For uncut diamond we give 70% of what was paid.
Please note that a separate insurance rider may be required to fully cover all of your fine jewelry pieces. Please contact your insurance company for more information regarding your insurance policy limits and requirements. There are several insurance companies that specialize in protecting your jewelry assets. Tilak Jewelers. recommends Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Click HERE to visit Jewelers Mutual Insurance.
The care with which you look after your jewelry is key to avoiding any damage. Click HERE to see tips on how to keep your jewelry clean and store it correctly.
Please contact Tilak Jewelers for any questions about The Tilak Promise.